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 Free Security Suite 2: Easy, intuitive and complete free security suite with web browser integration

  • Año:

  • 2009

  • Publicación:
  • Conference Palabras clave: Free Software, security, suite, privacy, network threats, web browser extension

  • Autores:

  • Javier Corral-García
    Carlos-Jorge del-Arco-González
    José-Luis González-Sánchez
    José-Luis Redondo-García

  • Título del libro:

  • Proceedings of SECRYP'09 (International Conference on Security and Cryptography), ICETE'09. ISBN: 978-989-674-005-4

  • Páginas:

  • 341-344

  • Dirección:

  • Milán, Italia

  • Mes:

  • Julio
  • Nota:
    This contribution was presented at SECRYPT 2009.
  • Abstract:
    Nowadays there are many security suites to protect a system against threats from the network. However, users must purchase a license to use them. There is the possibility of installing some free-of-charge security tools (often Free Software tools), without license payments and avoiding illegal use of software. The disadvantages are that each tool focuses on monitoring only one security threat, leaving a lot of other aspects unprotected. Moreover, in most cases these tools run on command line, involving difficult configuration processes for non-expert users. We have developed a Free and easy to use suite that ensures the security of the systems in which it is installed, and designed for users who don’t have enough time, nor high knowledge about computer security, to protect their systems against threats from the network adequately. In order to achieve our objectives, we made a thorough study of the latest free software tools, with the aim of choosing the best for our suite, developing several easy and intuitive graphical interfaces for the command line tools, even modifying the source code of one of them, and developing an extension to integrate FSS-2 in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Versión digital: