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Technologies of Informatics and Communications Applied to Telework and Teaching Innovation (TiCAttI)

From our research, our group seeks to respond to the needs identified in educational environments where innovation is a requirement more evident every day. The applied nature of this research line has allowed us to implement software solutions that have networks and Internet as a reference point. Thus, this line is related to priorities such as tele-education, telemedicine, telework, e-administration, e-commerce, telebank, etc.

We understand that the TicAttI line is a clear utility given the boost that has received our society with the launch and deployment of Internet nowadays. In the coming years that it will still make significant innovations in the field of networks and communications that serve to improve the quality of life of citizens. With the capability of innovation that we can carry out from the University, we try to answer for the implementation and development of services and applications that organizations and the industry itself will take place and market it.