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Information and Communications Security (ICS)

The security of information and communications has been from the start of the professional and research activity of several members of the GÍTACA group, an special attention aim. To suffer the problems of insecurity, to experience the risks generated by it and having to overcome the weaknesses of networks, systems and users, led us to reassert the need for innovate and research in this field so essential in today's society. With such a clear motivation we can include this research line within our activities since years. This has led us to write articles in scientific journals and books, to participate in research projects, courses and participate in conferences.

A possible take off of the use of ICTs must be supported by a clear reliability of the information stored in computer systems and which is transmitted by the networks. The continued violations of the information being betray; the massive viral problems that are repeated every few months; attacks against private property and personal data, the impact that spam causes; unauthorized accesses, denials of service ; non-availability of computer systems and networks at the most inopportune moments; the absence of security policies, etc. do nothing more but act as a barrier to entry to many users and corporations who has no faith in current systems and networks. For all this, our aim is to research and provide innovations to improve the security of communications and systems, trying to spread where are the weaknesses at present and proposing, providing, innovating or developing solutions, products or basic research that will prevent to continue attacks against the information.

Due to most of our projects and researches is often present problems of security, either from the viewpoint of information or from the communications, we consider this research line as transverse to the rest of our research activities.